1. Registration fees for ICEMSS 2019 delegates residing in Mainland China is 2500 Chinese Yuan, whereas registration fees for delegates residing outside Mainland China is 450 USD.

2. If the length of the paper exceeds FIVE PAGES, the cost of EACH EXTRA PAGE is 200 RMB.

3. Each paid registration covers only one paper; you can pay Extra Paper Charges (2300 Chinese Yuan or 350 US Dollars) for one more paper from the same first author who already has a paid registration.

4. Registration fees includes conference materials, banquet, lunches, gifts, morning and afternoon teas, dinners, attending all technical sessions.

5. At least one author for each accepted final paper must pre-register.

6. Registration fee for each accompanying person is 1200 Chinese Yuan or 200 U.S. Dollars.

7. Delegates should bear the Service Charge (if any) of the bank in the Sender's Side.

In Chinese

1. 中国大陆文章:5页, 普通作者注册费为2500元,学生作者注册费为2300元,如论文超过5页,超出页数每页另加200元。每篇文章至少有一位作者注册,以第一作者身份注册多篇文章,从第二篇期注册费降为2300元,学生作者降为2000元,如第二篇论文超过5页,超出页数每页另加200元。

2. 注册费用包括会议日程册、代表证、参会证明、中餐、晚餐和论文集费用;住宿费除外。

3. 随行人员注册费为1200元/人(无纸质刊物).

Important Dates
  • Paper Submission Deadline:
  • March 8, 2019
  • Registration/Final Paper Submission:
  • March 12, 2019
  • Conference date:
  • March 16-17, 2019
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